About Us

Magpie THINK Labs is born out of a novel idea to intertwine speech pathology private practices with research and development. It is a first of its kind unique initiative and an attempt to make pediatric communication intervention exemplary in quality of service and overall efficiency. Our purpose is to combine empirical evidence collected through our clinical practices with research expertise and family specific requirements to make a favorable and life changing impact on children with special needs and their families alike.

We plan to reach out to reach out to as many families outside our service area. This challenge brings in the need to develop well researched and documented tools/programs and THINK labs bridges the gap in this field. We are also developing a wide range of high quality resources, products and learning environments apart from providing specialized training to parents and professionals.


We Aim to be the Disruptors in the Arena of Speech Language Private Practices!

MAGPIE SPEECH THERAPY (Re-Invented in 2013) is the brainchild of Namrata Pai (Gold Medalist, Speech Language Pathologist). We take pride in setting innovation and creativity as our core value stream. Magpie has been focusing on providing evidence based and objective personalized therapeutic services to numerous children in India and abroad. In addition to individual and group therapy services, magpie also provides a full range of services for children with speech, language oral-motor and social skills disorders. These include screenings, consultations, evaluations, treatment and collaboration with psychologists, occupational therapists, schools and other related service providers.

We have successfully conducted multiple parent-training and social-skills programs. Our quest has always been in making our core work as speech language pathologists very tangible and objective. Our team has numerous international certifications and are up to date with the best practices on offer. We believe, a dash of positivity and optimism, a pinch of creativity and science and a splash of soul-searching and humor creates the perfect recipe for a Speech Language Pathologist!

Namrata Pai co-founded THINK Labs in July 2019.