Communication Perspectives in Behavior M

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"When Little People are Overwhelmed by Big Emotions, It's Our Job to Share our Calm, Not to Join Their Choas"


L. R. Knost

Course Objectives

Understand the ACT

Understand the reason for a child’s challenging behaviour because only then an effective management plan can be implemented.

Create your B.M.P.

Behaviour Management Plan (BMP) to problem solve atleast 5 Challenging Behaviours in a structured manner.

Break Barriers

Learn the formula to REACT to challenging behaviours and accelerate your child’s learning.

Guilt Free Parenting

Positively Strengthen the parent-child bond by implementing BMP steps that reduce frustration and anxiety.

Easy Breezy Toolkit

Get through activities of daily living smoothly, equipped with our Act.React Tool kit.

The ACT.REACT program was made generally available in July 2019.