Parent Education

A first visit to a speech language professional can be full of anxiety and legitimate questions. The process of understanding that their child needs and assessment can add to the already existing stressors of family dynamics. We are very mindful of this and have made  sure from the word go, hence our programs are specially curated to instill transparency and objectivity in parent education.


Our focus is to make the process from assessment to therapy a very family centered approach.  These include materials, checklists, teaching manuals, seminars and workshops. Some of them are indigenously developed while some are already existing researched programs like the HANEN Centre Programs

Anchoring the Amazing is our first offering in the Parent Education Program (P.E.P.) series.

Magpie THINK labs aims to create a clinical support system for parent teaching tools/ programs so that best techniques can be adopted for the child’s progress. THINK Labs has launched till date "Play" and "Act.React" modules in the P.E.P series.


Both of these programs are based on:

  1. Parents primary concerns in Child’s Delay

  2. Equal involvement of Father, Mother and other Caregivers

  3. Parent’s Behavior Style

  4. Quality/ Quantity of time spent by the Parent